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  • Gourmet Loose Tea

    We feature a wide selection of high quality loose tea. Roughly half of what we feature are caffeine free. Have you fallen in love with a certain tea you tried while visiting us? Feel free to buy some of our loose tea packaged in 2 oz bags. Want to try something a little richer than tea, but not into coffee? Try any of our teas as a latte. You won't be disappointed.
  • Gourmet Coffee

    Roasted in house, Brazilian and Colombian coffees are sure to be plentiful. We also rotate other featured coffees in as they come available including Costa Rican. Can't find that roast your looking for? We custom roast it for you. Only a 20 minute wait if its not too busy. Want a discount for buying bulk? Try our 5lb bag, and save money!
  • Caffeine

    Caffine drinks